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Athletes love support from fans. Send a message to a selected athlete, sport or the whole Team. It will appear throughout the site for athletes to read. Share with your mates and help get Australia behind the Team.

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Hey Scott just wanted to congratulate you on the medal you got. You should be proud of what you have accomplished and you are an amazing snowboarder.

- Dyaln, NSW
2 months ago

To: AUSOlympicTeam

You are all amazing athletes, I am in awe. You choose such extreme sports and excel at them so bloody well! Congratulations to you all. I love the winter games, so much more exciting than the summer ones. You guys have no fear! Congrats and good luck.

- Ros, NSW
2 months ago

Hey Matt Congrats on 2nd in The world bro Thats amazing I Hope you can get gold next Time

- Marlin, NSW
2 months ago

Hi Kailani - we just want you to know that you are in our hearts and that we are so proud of you. Enjoy every moment of your short program and skate in the present - you are beautiful inside and out and a credit to your sport and to your family. We're thinking of you and are cheering you all the way from home. Love the Ladd-Hudsons. Enjoy xx

- Larraine Ladd-Hudson, NSW
2 months ago

Hey David great job last night. Looking forward to watching the next race, good luck your family in Rocky

- Kearns , QLD
2 months ago

Hi Kailani, You did really well last year in Canada. I watched you on YouTube. Good Luck this year in the Winter Olympics in Korea!

- chloe, NSW
2 months ago

Go Mountain Man!!

- Bryce, VIC
2 months ago

Dear Danielle Scott, Congratulations on a great Olympics campaign, you did great. Aerial Skiing looks like a hard sport, I can't imagine doing so many twists in the air (you must get dizzy!!). Well done on a great run I bet all your family and friends are very proud, in fact I bet all of Australia is. Hope to see you in Beijing!!

- Ari D-S, NSW
2 months ago

your the best I am a big fan send me a mesage

- emily, NSW
2 months ago

Dear John Farrow, You are pretty amazing when it comes to sliding down the Bobsled track at a hundred kilometres per hour! I think that would be really, really terrifying, and to top it off you do it on your stomach. You are doing really well representing Australia. Hope to see you in Beijing!!

- William, NSW
2 months ago